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July 2014
Lectionary Readings

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Lectionary 16 / Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time / Proper 11
Sunday, July 20, 2014

Richard I. Pervo
Those who intend to utilize this passage as a preaching resource should read through verse 22, the formal, if not entirely edifying, end of the unit. Jacob is on the run, a banished exile because he entered into a cabal with his mother to abscond with his brother's blessing (which conveys prosperity and is, like all magical things of this nature, irrevocable). This deceiving creature stops in...  Read more...

Holly Hearon
The domestic tensions that marked the beginning of the Jacob cycle have continued. Esau is beginning to rue the loss of his birthright, so Jacob is sent to his mother's brother, Laban, for safekeeping and to seek a wife from among his mother's people. He is, in effect, a man on the run. On his way to Haran, Jacob pauses for the night and has a dream. Because they represent a liminal state between...  Read more...

John J. Pilch
This story combines J (vv. 13, 16-17) with E elements (vv. 11-12, 17-18). Perhaps it was originally an etiology (v. 17) explaining the origin of Bethel, a place venerated in Canaan even before Israel's arrival. The heart of the story, however, is God's promises to Jacob as patriarch (vv. 13-15): land, offspring, and blessing to all the earth through him and his offspring. From this perspective,...  Read more...

Diane Jacobson
For the Lord our God shall come and shall take his harvest home." We continue this week to dwell in the harvest, but, unlike last week's Gospel, the undercurrent of this week's parable of the harvest is the final judgment. That the harvest would represent both judgment and plenty should come as no surprise. Certainly the idea of harvest suggests the completion of a season of hard work, barns full...  Read more...

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Lectionary Notes by Gail Ramshaw
The Readings in the Bible
As in the Sermon on the Mount, so in the third discourse in chapter 13, the evangelist has grouped many small sayings into one long coordinated passage. That the righteousness of believers might be hidden is one message...  Read more...

The Readings on this Day
The standard Sundays continue to encounter Matthew in light of Romans and to move from the word to the table....  Read more...

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