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June 2015
Lectionary Readings

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Lectionary 13 / Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time / Proper 8
Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ira Brent Driggers
The book of Lamentations mourns the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians in the sixth century bce. Like the historical books and many of the prophets, the writer interprets this disaster as God's punishment upon Judah for its transgressions (e.g., 1:8-18; 2:1-9). In today's reading we see only a glimpse of this perspective, when God is said to "cause grief" (3:32).The direct attribution of...  Read more...

Henry G. Brinton
Although traditionally attributed to King Solomon, the Wisdom of Solomon never mentions the king by name, and was probably written by a Jewish scholar close to the time of Christ, with the goal of making other Jews proud of their faith. The book begins with the assertion that people who are truly righteous never die, because after their earthly death they continue to live with God.Roger A....  Read more...

Matthew L. Skinner
What do you do when you reach the end of your rope? How do you respond to suffering? In anguished moments, what language do you use? What do you believe? To whom do you turn? From where can you expect help? Today's readings compose a collage of portraits of people in dire circumstances. The deep hopes and faith of many of these individuals defy what the world would consider to be good sense.These...  Read more...

L. William Countryman
This emphatic exhortation to be generous to the poor points us to an essential social aspect of all biblical faith. Since the Scriptures repeatedly make the point that God has chosen us, not the other way around, it follows that we are to bring that same kind of generosity to expression in our lives. We can argue, legitimately, about the most effective form for our concern to take; what we cannot...  Read more...

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Lectionary Notes by Gail Ramshaw
The Readings in the Bible
History has recorded surprising little about the life of Jesus. Written in about 70¬†ce, Mark¬†6, our earliest biographical information about Jesus, calls him a carpenter or builder. (Matthew changes this to "carpenter's son.") That Jesus' mother but no...  Read more...

The Readings on this Day
Week after week, receiving the word of repentance and the gifts of healing, we are sent out to proclaim the word of God to the world. We do not need to have experienced extraordinary visions of God; instead,...  Read more...

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