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February 2015
Lectionary Readings

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Transfiguration of Our Lord
Sunday, February 15, 2015

William F. Brosend II
The Transfiguration, again? Didn't we just do that on the Last Sunday of Epiphany? Yes, and we will do it again on Last Epiphany next year too. The question is, Why? Why is the Transfiguration such an important event that it receives special consideration in the lectionary twice a year? In a way this question can be asked of many of the feasts celebrated in this volume, met in the course of the...  Read more...

Paul Galbreath
How is it that what we do in church relates to the deep pain, longing, and needs of the world for healing and reconciliation? Liturgical scholars have often suggested that liturgy prepares us for mission and service in the world. In an essay on ritual practice, Michael Aune notes the claim by some that the word and the meal prepare us to share what we receive with the poor. Aune then adds...  Read more...

Stephen L. Cook
In 2 Kings 2:1-12, we receive an even more potent taste of Kingdom Come than we did last week. We experience an epiphany of God that leaves us staring up into an empty sky, rubbing our eyes. We step outside workaday life to glimpse God's reign come in full force—in gale-like winds and thundering hoofs.The biblical text is aware of the fantastic nature of the translation of Elijah before...  Read more...

Deborah Krause
The lesson from portions of Hosea 2 for the Roman Catholic lectionary represents a difficult set of verses from a difficult text. Hosea's language is highly metaphorical, and in chapters 1–2 the prophet engages in a protracted story using the metaphor of marriage and children to describe the challenging relationship between the Lord and Israel. Israel, Hosea relates, has been unfaithful to God....  Read more...

James M. Childs Jr.
Elijah's greatness as the prophet among all prophets is underscored by his being taken into heaven directly without passing through death. On his way to that moment of his assumption, he replicated the exodus miracle of parting the sea by the analogous miracle of parting the waters of the Jordan with his mantle (v. 8). Elijah stands in the train of Moses.Elijah was a man strong in the Spirit. He...  Read more...

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You can access dates for two Sundays prior to today. Subscribers, please log in for full access.
Lectionary Notes by Gail Ramshaw
At Jesus' baptism, the heavens have been torn apart, just as at the transfiguration and crucifixion. His baptism is followed by the temptation, which Mark tells in two sentences. Recapitulating ancient Israel, Jesus undergoes testing in the wilderness;...  Read more...

The Readings on this Day
Each year, Lent begins with an account from one of the synoptic gospels of the testing of Jesus. Jesus was truly human, suffering from the devil's temptations no less than we, and so he can stand by us...  Read more...

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