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October 2014
Lectionary Readings

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Lectionary 28 / Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time / Proper 23
Sunday, October 12, 2014

Shauna K. Hannan
I suggest we discontinue referring to this text as the "golden calf" incident and begin calling it the "God changes God's mind at the request of Moses" incident. Incident? Yes. Incidental? No. By this point I mean that it is not shocking that the Israelites' impatience while waiting for Moses leads to idolatry. What is shocking is God's anger and, even more, Moses' ability to quell God's anger....  Read more...

Beverly A. Zink-Sawyer
The texts for today remind us of our faithful God who provides deliverance from danger and oppression and who invites us to feast at the table of grace. That same God, however, expects our faithful response in return.The Exodus story of the golden calf is one of the most memorable stories to emerge from the wilderness journey of the Hebrew people. Perhaps it is so memorable because we see our...  Read more...

Robert Kysar
These lections lead us back and forth between grace and works or, more precisely, what God does for us and what we are to do for God. As usual, the passages do not resolve that tension but give it new vitality.In terms of the narrative, this story brings to another climax the insecurity and fear of the people wandering in the wilderness. It also represents the way in which law seems to be given...  Read more...

John Paul Heil
God, our shepherd, promises to feed us all with a rich banquet and to destroy the power of death forever. We are called to accept the invitation and demonstrate our worthiness to be chosen to participate in God's great feast in the kingdom of heaven. We rejoice in the God who provides all we need in answer to our prayers.Today's first reading from Isaiah begins with a hymn of thanksgiving for the...  Read more...

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Lectionary Notes by Gail Ramshaw
The Readings in the Bible
Today's is the second of five controversy stories in the fifth section of Matthew. The parties implicated are: the Herodians, whose fortunes were the result of their loyalty to Roman authority; the Zealots, a revolutionary party that sought...  Read more...

The Readings on this Day
This Sunday all three readings allude to the relationship of believers to their civil government. Contemplating this complex word, we go for sustenance to the table....  Read more...

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