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January 2015
Lectionary Readings

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Second Sunday after Epiphany / Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sunday, January 18, 2015

Paul Galbreath
Call and response: discipleship and testimony are primary motifs in the readings for this week. The preacher speaks a word from the gospel and the congregation offers an affirmative response. The ensuing dialogue lifts the rhetoric to new heights and together the community experiences the Spirit infusing their lives with a desire to follow Christ. This simple pattern is filled out in our readings...  Read more...

Stephen L. Cook
Today's lessons celebrate the end of human alienation and estrangement, and the inbreaking of a new intimacy with God. At a shadow time for Israel, the first reading portrays God's revelation of the divine self to Samuel, initiating a new connection between God and God's people. Similarly, in the Gospel reading Jesus reveals his identity connecting heaven and earth, bridging the yawning gap...  Read more...

Deborah Krause
After observing the Baptism of Our Lord, the lectionaries commence to remember the ministry of Jesus. On the Second Sunday after the Epiphany, the ministry is cast in Jesus' calling of disciples and the story of the call of Samuel. In this sense the day offers the opportunity to focus on the concept of vocation both in terms of God's call and in terms of the response of people to that call. The...  Read more...

James M. Childs Jr.
Samuel was a prophet and the last judge of Israel before he anointed Saul as king and later David as Saul's successor. He was an extremely important religious figure in the history of Israel. Having ushered out the period of the judges, he then presided over the institution of the monarchy, a rather traumatic turn of events for a people whose only king was Yahweh.This is one of a number of call...  Read more...

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Lectionary Notes by Gail Ramshaw
The Readings in the Bible
The "good news" that we call the book of Mark is the first full gospel written, probably around 70 in Rome, and it proclaims to assemblies of believers the meaning of Jesus' ministry, miracles, and death. For Mark,...  Read more...

The Readings on this Day
In year B, the third through the sixth Sundays after Epiphany read slowly through Chapter 1 of Mark. Through the reading of this word, Jesus once again begins his ministry also in our assemblies....  Read more...

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